Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cleaning your spiritual house

Since we were children we have all had to clean our room.  It was not fun and the more you let it go the more work it was to get it clean.  This is true with all aspects of life.  We have to keep our selves physically, emotionally and spiritual clean.  Lent is an excellent time to take a look at you spiritual "house".  Perhaps you just got caught up in the everyday routine in life and have fallen away from practices that once brought you closer to God or perhaps you never really had a connection boarded up your spiritual "house" in college but are starting to wonder more about it.

Tips for cleaning your spiritual house.

1) Start small - Don't go from nothing to trying to read all of the books Thomas Aquinas wrote or you will burn out.  Pick on small thing and do it.  After you do it and found it worked for you try adding something else as well.

2) Practice -  Clean you spiritual house takes practice.  You may not feel fulfilled the first or second time you try soemthing but if you keep at it, you may make a supernatural connection that wasn't there before.

3) Make it a habit - Every morning you have a routine.  For example you get out of bed and go brush your teeth.  My body naturally strolls from my bed to the sink because it is used to doing it everyday.  So must we do with out spiritual routine.  If I plan on doing 10 minutes of spiritual reading every night by 4 out of the seven day I watch TV then go to bed, it won't be a habit.  Not that you have to do the same thing every night but make a plan and stick to it.  Perhaps it is a rosary on Wednesday, make sure you set a reminder on Tuesday night so that it become a habit.  Once you make it a habit you will miss it when you don't do it.  If I went to breakfast without brushing my teeth, I can't eat until I do because of the habit that has been instilled of years and years of brushing when I get up.

By following these three steps you can begin cleaning your spiritual house.  Depending on the last time you addressed this, your task could be large cleaning or it could just need a quick tidying up.  Everyone need to look at their spiritual life on a regular basis and the ore you work on it the cleaner it will become.